MHEC J06 Effective Date: July 2014


Services Provided:

  • Systems Integration / Networking

    Users need access to their files. We manage all types of computers, servers and networks which ensure that all users to have access to their files. For those working remotely, we also manage security to enable off-site workers to connect to their workstations and access all data seamlessly, with the right amount of security.

  • Systems Planning

    We develop an inventory to document the key information relating to your technology and equipment — purchase dates, warranty dates, serial numbers, software versions, installation keys, and so on. The inventory process includes identifying security vulnerabilities, inefficient processes, and recording all equipment to enable accurate budget forecasting for updating and replacement.

    We provide you with online access at any time, enabling you to retrieve key information so that you can be back up and running quickly in the event of equipment failure.

  • Information Security

    We help you to determine an appropriate level of security for your business, and then ensure each user has access to the information they need, nothing more and nothing less. Rather than relying on individual employees to manage information security, we set up automatic updates for antivirus software and system updates, keeping your information secure. Furthermore, we manage your firewalls to protect your data from external and internal threats and errors. Other Information Security areas covered:

    • Backups With regularly scheduled backups of all data and systems, you’ll barely miss a beat in the event of an equipment outage. We store an encrypted copy of your data off-site in case of fire, to enable retrieval and efficient restoral including configurations mapping (Geek speak: bare metal backup and restores).
    • Network Monitoring With local, hands- and eyes-on network monitoring, we identify and evaluate any incidences or concerns relating to your network. We keep tabs on your antivirus logs, performance backup reports, hardware and software error notifications and event logs and ensure action is taken to remedy any issues.
    • Training Need help getting team members on board? We provide customized software training, personalized for the needs of each team member – from administrative employees to Help Desk representatives and network engineers.


  • Project Management

    Full assistance with managing upgrades, company moves (tear down and setup/test all network functions), software training programs and Help Desk Management


Eligible Entities:

Cities, Towns, districts, counties and other political subdivisions

Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, including all departments and elected offices therin

Independent public authorities, commissions and quasi-public agencies

Local public libraries, public school districts and charter schools

Public Hospitals, owned by the Commonwealth

Public Institutions of Higher Education

Public purchasing Cooperatives

Non-profit URF-certified organizations that are doing business with the Commonwealth

Other States and territories with no prior approval by the state purchasing agent

Other entities when designated in writing by the State Purchasing Agent


We a happy to announce we are certified to do business in the following areas:



New York

Federal Certifications