Backup Services

“Every hard drive will eventually fail – it’s just a matter of time. They are electromechanical, so at some point, they will stop working, depending on usage.” – Jeff Giacomelli – IT Director at Sepracor Inc.

DATTO has an array of backup services that can back up anything allowing us to get your business back up and running in no time. Sandra Network supports the full DATTO platform and provides expert Data Backup Services. You name it, we can back it up. Backup is not one size feels all. Every company has different requirements. Our Engineers look at the entire picture to determine the needs of your company. We want to ensure your company has the backups in place that exactly fit its needs. Imagine that, reliable backups supported by the highest level of competence. A winning Combination.

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Reliable Offsite Data Backup Services

Stop worrying about losing data. Our intelligent data backup services are designed to let you concentrate on your core business. It won’t take weeks to implement a backup solution either. We can deploy our backup service to multiple computers in a fraction of the time it takes to build traditional backup solutions, saving you time and money.

Highest Security Standards

Secure data-backupWe abide by the highest security standards and can include an option to add additional privacy and security by implementing a personal encryption key. All files are transferred using an SSL encryption. We can schedule automatic backups to run as frequently as you think necessary. They can run daily, weekly, or monthly. Need more frequent backups? We can schedule them to run every two hours. Let us set up an automatic secure backup solution for your business that doesn’t require constant monitoring.

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