Business Continuity and Backup

Cloud Business Continuity for PCs

There is so much centralization of data on file servers and SaaS applications but still a large amount of important business data lives locally on employee PCs. An endpoint disaster like a lost or stolen PC or ransomware attack costs a lot of time and frustration to recover that device and data. And it will cost a lot to your client in time and productivity to have that employee side-lined. Business Continuity and Data Backup Services from Sandra Network come to the rescue in such situations and provide the most reliable services that ensure smooth and safe business functioning.

All-In-One BCDR for PCs – Business Continuity Service

All-In-One BCDR for PCsCloud Continuity for PCs is a reliable and easy-to-use BCDR solution for endpoint devices. When you use the image-based backup technology, it provides appliance-free PC backup directly to the Datto Cloud. When a client experiences an endpoint loss or failure with Cloud Continuity for PCs, MSPs have the ability to get affected employees immediately back up and running with advanced PC virtualization. It can easily restore individual files, or restore the entire PC image to a new device.

Automatic screenshot verification provides confidence in achieving reliable and successful data backups and you can also restore the data from these backups on demand. Easy purchase and management through the Datto Partner Portal means MSPs can remotely support client endpoint devices with the following:

  • Recovery of individual files and folders
  • Rollback from ransomware attacks
  • Full restore of application and data
  • Virtualize PCs in the Datto Cloud
  • Pause and delete agents
  • View the most recent screenshots
  • No local appliance required

Datto File Protection – Data Backup and Business Continuity Services

Secure Critical Data across Laptops and Workstations and Servers with our Business Continuity and Data Backup Services.

  • Works Alongside an MSP’s Existing BCDR Stack – Datto File Protection safeguards business-critical files with fully automated service delivery and end-client functionality. It is cloud-based and built from the ground up for MSPs.
  • Centralized Configuration and Remote Deployment – Automated authentication and customer data backup that do not impact the end-user productivity.
  • Automated Service Delivery – Automated ticket creation to any service desk and scheduled reporting capabilities in Sandra Networks portal.
  • Continuous File and Folder Backup – Scans the backup locations continuously for changes while the backups keep on functioning over any Internet connection. All files retain version history for up to 180 days.
  • End-User Restore – End users can access their own backup files that helps in driving down support requests.

Secure Infrastructure and Compliance – Best Business Continuity Services

  • More than 99.99% uptime
  • HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 compliance
  • Data encrypted with 256-bit AES in transit and at rest
  • Geo-redundant data centers




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