Server Management

It’s never been easier to get started!

With Azure server management services at your fingertips, you can bridge your current server technology to the cloud – and unlock new possibilites that drive your business forward.

Our desktops have become our most valuable tool in the workplace. We know you want your companies running at top efficiency. We take a serious comprehensive approach to manage your servers, and our server management services provide both On-Premise and Cloud-Based solution.

Traditional Server Management services include maintaining hardware and software with updates and monitoring. Today’s approach ensures you have the best security software to protect you from viruses, spyware, and security breaches. Be Proactive and ensure your organization always has access to the data you need. We manage both On-Premise and Cloud-Based servers. Let us manage yours and make sure everything runs smoothly so you can spend your days doing what you do best.

Our commitment to managing your servers includes the following

  • Hardware monitoring
  • Software monitoring
  • Antivirus
  • AntiSpyWare
  • User Permissions
  • File Permissions
  • Security
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Management
  • Remote and onsite support
  • On Premise and Offsite Backups

Cloud Based Server Management Solutions

Stay secure and be compliant: the benefits of modernization

To thrive and stay competitive, your business needs a responsive IT Infrastructure to adapt to an ever changing business environment. Is your company growing or has fluctuating capacity requirements? Then you need flexibility in order to scale your IT resources quickly with a cost-effective solution.
Cloud Based Solutions

Let’s face it, Servers are expensive. Hardware is expensive, Administration is complex and can be expensive plus requires frequent updates. We understand monthly subscriptions can be intimidating. If you do a full cost analysis, however, you will quickly discover there is a reason many of our customers have moved their Servers to the cloud.

5 Reasons to Run your Business in Microsoft Azure

Modern businesses run in the cloud. Successful ones run in Microsoft Azure. Azure is the perfect balance of security, flexibility, and affordability. Here’s why.

No More Capital Expenditures

Azure helps reduce your operational costs! You’ll have better control over budgeting by reducing the cost of physical infrastructure devices. These quickly add up, affecting your bottom line. Azure frees you from these upfront capital expenses and the cost of managing these services locally. Cloud computing can trim your annual IT budget and is more efficient. Implementation is quicker and easier and recovery times are faster. Scenarios for every business are different. Let us assess your requirements.

Business Continuity, No Matter What

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing decision. It certainly shouldn’t be a hassle. Azure is scalable, You can move all your business applications at once or individually depending on your timeline. Only move applications when you’re ready. From accounting and HR to commerce and CRM, there’s a place for everything in Azure.

Pay Only For What You Use

Microsoft Azure is a great way to save while managing your IT expenditures. Only pay for for the resources your applications are actually using! Sometimes you need more capacity, sometimes you need less. Azure easily stretches to meet seasonal needs according to your company’s business growth and demands.

4brown​A Tiered Approach to the Cloud

We all know that a data disaster is also a business disaster. Even a minor outage can put you at a competitive disadvantage. With Azure, ensure your apps work when you need them the most—without the expense of secondary infrastructure. Don’t be the company without a plan. Get a robust environment with Azure’s disaster recovery plan built-in and supported by Microsoft.

5brownSecurity, Security, and More Security

Safeguard your applications and data with compliance coverage, security management and conditional access policies specific to your company. Organizations dependent on Microsoft tools like Office 365, Outlook and SharePoint easily integrate with Azure. It simplifies operations by using the same virtual on-premise machines as Windows and Linux keeping everything more secure. Let Azure keep your business secure with incredible server management services.


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