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What do you think about working remotely? LogMeIn lets you!

What do you think about working remotely? LogMeIn lets you!

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Close your eyes… Come on… Close ‘em. No wait.. you need to read this!

Imagine this scene: You are sitting in a cubicle, in an 8-way adjustable chair and pulled up to a dark wood desk with all of the papers imaginable, Hard drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor(s). Yes, you have your coffee on the desk, your lunch and pictures of your friends and/or family in the area maybe even your red stapler (purple, in my case). All piled into your cubicle. You can escape the scene with Logmein Tool and work remotely.Office Space

Let that soak in for a second.

Now, imagine THIS scene:
You outside at the campground sitting in a lounge chair, the sun is warm the breeze is cool and the smell of the water is wafting by. You have your laptop in your lap, and a Bloody Mary in the cup holder of your chair. Or, wouldn’t it be nice to bring that laptop to the beach? Up to your cabin in the woods? Anywhere but the office?Woman on Dock

BOTH of these people are working. One person is using remote access and the other is not. Not only can we, at Sandra Network set you up for remote support but we can also set you up to be able to remotely log into your machine in your office and have all your programs, you can print, access your files and have the ability to perform and do everything as if you are in your office at your boring cubicle. In 3 short months you will be stuck back inside again. THREE SHORT MONTHS it will be time to shovel again!

Logmein direct from the Logmein website is $99/year per person. We can offer it to our customers for $50/year per person.

This month only – Logmein Tool Remote Access is $40 per year.