Did you just break the internet?

broken internetWhere it is very unlikely you actually broke the internet, there is always the fear and anxiety that something may be very, very wrong when you are unable to access any of the websites you need at that particular moment. Is it the internet? Is it you? Is it them? Is it your provider? Who is to blame?

Well, unless you posted a photo of one of those characters from that Kard***ian family, chances are you have not broken the internet by “Urban Dictionary” standards. But, there are certainly factors that could cause difficulty in connecting to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). One of the first things is ALWAYS to check the light on your router, and make sure it is plugged in and connected, and none of the cables have been disconnected or sliced.

There are unfathomable miles of cables wrapped around the planet, and many of the biggest are unprotected and in a lot of cases they are underwater. Generally, this is not the cause of the inability to connect to the internet. The problems are more than likely far more simple.

A few may be:

  • It could be the browser is not compatible with the site.
    • Have multiple browsers on your machine (Firefox, Google, IE,
      and now Edge)
    • If it does not work on one browser, try a different one.
  • If an error comes up “Internet may not be reached”, then it is not a
    browser issue.
  • A disconnected wire on or in the house
  • An outage with the ISP
    • The companies usually have a phone number on the bill that may be called to determine if the designated area is down.
  • Potentially, there is something wrong with the network card, but start with the simple first.

If at any point there is a panic beginning to set in, give us a call and we will determine what the issue may be. Hopefully you will NOT be the one to bring down the internet for everyone else!