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Web management services (sometimes called application services) are services (usually including some combination of programming and data, but possibly including human resources as well) that are made available from a business’s Web server for Web users or other Web-connected programs. Providers of Web management services are generally known as application service providers. Web services range from such major services as storage management and customer relationship management ( CRM ) down to much more limited services such as the furnishing of a stock quote and the checking of bids for an auction item…

Whew! That’s a bit too technical and it’s not really what we at Sandra Network mean when we talk about web services.

Definition – Web Services

We can be as technical as we need to be but when we talk about web services we are referring to the various elements, tasks and services necessary to ensure that a website, your website, is successful.

The web services we offer include but are not necessarily limited to:

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