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What Are The Benefits of Anti-Virus Software?

What Are The Benefits of Anti-Virus Software?

The most obvious reasons to have Anti-Virus software on your computer is to keep data safe from malware and ransom ware. One of the most important things is to stay ahead of the attacks with updates and real time protection. Without this, there is very little that may be done once the malware assaults, other than rebuilding the machine or hiring an IT company to clean the virus from the machine and THEN install an anti-virus application.


There are many brands and names out there, yet there are some that are better than others. Generally, when you contact Sandra Network, there are a few brands we lean toward, as do all IT companies. There are many different names out there and some are great, and some are marginal at best.

The main things to keep in mind

  1. Always have some form of Anti-virus on your machine
  2. Always have a backup of your data elsewhere
  3. Even Mac’s can get a virus

Should you get a virus, or think you may have one on your machine, there are a couple of free options out there available and do not tend to download additional useless junk software. Some are internet based and some are installs.

If you would like to have us check out your machine to find potential compromising files or situations, please contact us at, 978-535-0202 #3 or email [email protected].