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Think about the Summer and LogMeIn

Though Sandra Bullock in The Net could do it without a thought, very few (if any) could work remotely from a beach in 1995, let alone use VI shell to program on a Macintosh Laptop. Sorry, I was speaking geek… I digress… Now add LogMeIn into the plot.

The Net - LogMeIn

Scene: The Net (1995)

It is 2017 and you have the option to work anywhere you want to You can WAH (Work At Home) or WAB (Work At Beach) or just about anything. How do you do this you ask?

  1. Call Sandra Network at 978-535-0202 #3 or [email protected]
  2. Ask about setting up LogMeIn for your business, or personal use
  3. Log into the new account
  4. Roll over in the sun and enjoy that margarita on the beach, while working on your computer in the stuffy old office.

There are many options, and you can get in touch with us to discuss some of them and break the leash of the office and get out and enjoy the sun while being productive.

It’s A Trap, A Scam!

Recently, a great many people have asked what to do if they receive calls where someone asks to connect to their computer to resolve some issue. the quick answer is: It is a Scam!

  • Did you already sign a contract with this company?
  • How do they know you signed onto your computer?
  • Have you recently seen any suspicious activity on your computer?

If these questions create a long list of additional questions, please DO NOT allow them access to your computer, it is a scam. Please contact us first!

This is how it tends to happen:

You are sitting around, your computer is on, but not being used and the phone rings.

“Hello this is Peggy from Microsoft, I noticed that your computer has been sending error messages. There are problems with the internet connection or phone line and this has affected your computer’s recent performance. On top of that, the broadband connection has been hacked. May I have remote access to the computer to find out what the problem is?”

Your first thoughts should be… I don’t know anyone named Peggy. WHY are they monitoring my system, I didn’t hire them and if I didn’t, who did?

These are all valid and you are correct in being suspicious of this call. This is not a technical support service,  already hired (such as Sandra Network) then the scamming call should be ended immediately.

What is the best way to protect yourself?

  • Never give an unsolicited caller remote access to your computer. This is ALWAYS a scam!
  • Never give your personal, credit card or online account details over the phone unless you made the call and the phone number came from a trusted source; otherwise, this is a scam!
  • Receiving a phone call out of the blue about your computer and remote access is requested – hang up – even if they mention a well-known company such as Microsoft.

If you have questions or think you may have been hacked, or have given out pertinent and private information:

  • Please call your financial institutions and have your accounts monitored or closed.
  • Change your passwords for your email, login.
  • Call us at Sandra Network and with your permission, clean out the machine of any suspicious activity.

What do you think about working remotely? LogMeIn lets you!

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Close your eyes… Come on… Close ‘em. No wait.. you need to read this!

Imagine this scene: You are sitting in a cubicle, in an 8-way adjustable chair and pulled up to a dark wood desk with all of the papers imaginable, Hard drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor(s). Yes, you have your coffee on the desk, your lunch and pictures of your friends and/or family in the area maybe even your red stapler (purple, in my case). All piled into your cubicle. You can escape the scene with Logmein Tool and work remotely.Office Space

Let that soak in for a second.

Now, imagine THIS scene:
You outside at the campground sitting in a lounge chair, the sun is warm the breeze is cool and the smell of the water is wafting by. You have your laptop in your lap, and a Bloody Mary in the cup holder of your chair. Or, wouldn’t it be nice to bring that laptop to the beach? Up to your cabin in the woods? Anywhere but the office?Woman on Dock

BOTH of these people are working. One person is using remote access and the other is not. Not only can we, at Sandra Network set you up for remote support but we can also set you up to be able to remotely log into your machine in your office and have all your programs, you can print, access your files and have the ability to perform and do everything as if you are in your office at your boring cubicle. In 3 short months you will be stuck back inside again. THREE SHORT MONTHS it will be time to shovel again!

Logmein direct from the Logmein website is $99/year per person. We can offer it to our customers for $50/year per person.

This month only – Logmein Tool Remote Access is $40 per year.



Windows 10 is coming, do I HAVE to install now?

Where the release is free and it will at some point be the only supported operating system, it is not necessary to run the update immediately. There are pop-ups daily in browsers that read the configuration of the machine and suggest you are missing something should you not update your operating system. Pay no attention, unless you really want to.


Here are a few suggestions for Windows 10 and upgrading.

  1. Back up your machine and all of your data. This should already be a plan, but it cannot be said enough. We have plenty of ideas of backups, so if you need any, give us a call.
  2. Check to find out if the other applications you have installed are compatible with Windows 10.
  3. You have a month to roll back the update, should you decide you do not like it, or it is not Calloutworking for you the way you had hoped.
    1. Open the Start menu and select Settings.
    2. Click the “Update & security” icon and select “Recovery”.
    3. You should see a “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1” option.
    4. Click the Get started button to get rid of your Windows 10 install and restore your previous Windows install.
  4. If it has been over a month, you will not have the option to run the recovery, If this is the case, you will need to use your prior operating system DVD, or download to reinstall. The product key is generally on a sticker on the top or back of your machine (depending on the brand).
    1. Do a “Custom (advanced)” installation, and this will not save any of your files or programs, so be sure to again… back up your machine prior to the installation.
  5. If you do not feel comfortable installing this update yourself, PLEASE call Sandra Network support line at (978) 535 – 0202 #3, and we will schedule to have a technician do it for you.

The MAJOR things to take away:

  • BACK-UP your hard drive BEFORE you begin the upgrade.
  • You can always roll back within 30 days.
  • If you would like, contact Sandra Network’s Support line and we will schedule a technician to do the upgrade for you 978.535.0202 #3, or [email protected]m.