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In case of emergency… Troubleshooting…

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This month we, at Sandra Network are going to give some basic troubleshooting skills to get you through… just in case of emergency.. If these do not help.. .PLEASE call us at 978-535-0202 #3 or email: [email protected]

My computer/printer/monitor will not come on

Reboot Troubleshooting

Are you able to see the power button lit up?
Is it plugged in?
Is the monitor on?
Is the power strip on?
Is the power strip plugged in?

If none of these help, call Sandra Network 978-535-0202 #3 or [email protected]

Windows is showing the wrong name for the login, where is mine?

Windows 10       Windows 10 Login

Select one of the other users to the left

Windows 7

Troubleshoot Windows 7 Login

Select “Switch User” under the Username and Password fields

My password is not working, it did this morning…

Troubleshooting Passwords

Is CAP lock on?
If it consists of numbers, and you are using the number keypad, is “Num Lock” off?
(In the day and age of millions of passwords) Did you put in the correct password for that computer?
Could someone with access have changed the password? Check around your office/home
Is it your computer (just kidding … I try to get into everyone else’s car, but my own. who knows)

If you are STILL having issues, give us a call at Sandra Network 978-535-0202 #3 or [email protected]


No sound coming out of my computer – How to TroubleshootVolume Troubleshooting

Is the volume up? Or has “mute” been selected? (Icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop
Do you have connected external speakers? Are they turned on?

If it is still not working, give us a call at Sandra Network 978-535-0202 #3 or [email protected]


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