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Now, About These Passwords…

Now, About These Passwords…

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In past months we have discussed not opening email that has come from an unknown source, being sure you save often and have your system backed up, and even about malware and what to do if you download it. One thing that is one of the more important things to stay on top of is your password! Read the blog to avoid using some of the common passwords as mentioned in the blog.

First things first, do NOT write it on a piece of paper and stick it under the keyboard or monitor base, or even put it in a notebook that is “easy to get to”.
It needs to be something secure and it needs to be a SECRET! It ALSO needs to not be something obvious. For example, some of the worst and common passwords of 2015 were:

  • 123456SandraNet Password
  • password
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • 12345
  • Starwars

Let’s talk about what makes a GOOD password.

  • Create a password of twelve (12) characters or more
  • Use a different password for each website you log into. Though this is cumbersome for many, it is a safe practice, preventing easy access to all accounts and personal information.
  • If memory is the issue, there are many password managers that store and protect the passwords
  • Use a Letter/Number substitution. For example, instead of using:
    • Password (DO NOT USE. JUST AN EXAMPLE)
  • Instead use
    • 9@s$w0rD (DO NOT USE. JUST AN EXAMPLE)

SandraNet Forest

One thing that may also be used  to test is Password Meter. This website checks the integrity of the password and in addition shows suggestions on what could make it better than a common password on a security level.