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I can’t believe I have to change my password again?

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I can’t believe I have to change my password again?

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Password Ideas for Complex Passwords

Simple passwords are very easy to guess, and very easy to crack if you have the right software.   Now our systems need more complex passwords and logins, and the need for better security is here.

Most logins now need to have upper case, lowercase, and either special characters or numbers.  Special characters examples are pretty much anything else on the keyboard:  :!@#$%^&*()_+?/><, that can be used to create complex passwords.


They should never be any of the following:

  • Your name
  • Company Name
  • Single word – something you could find in the dictionary

They should be:

  • A phrase that you can remember.
  • Something with a sequence that you can work with
  • Something no one knows about you.


60% of the time, if sitting at someone’s desk, a password can be guessed fairly quickly.  Looking around for sticky notes, kids names on pictures, all are really good clues.  Most of the attacks on the web have a couple hundred attempts PER SECOND, and can get it quicker.  They commonly start with dictionary attacks, which means once they find a valid username; they try every word in the dictionary against it until it is guessed. Thus, to avoid unauthorised access, one must choose a complex password and ensure higher safety.

Examples of how to create a strong password that you can remember, but is hard to crack. 

  • Something fun that you used to do as a kid
  • Family jokes
  • Phrases from your favorite movie
  • Something that your kids / dog / spouse like


Some examples of memories and complex passwords:

  • Matilda76               Old family car: 76 Cadillac Nicknamed Matilda – family joke
  • BigFunNow*          Long drives, a standard corny Dad phrase
  • Dora4Sam             A four year old daughter who loves Dora the Explorer
  • Straw5Berry           A five year old daughter obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake
  • HighInsurance16   For someone with a son about to drive the family car


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