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I Promise to Restart My Computer

I Promise to Restart My Computer

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Reboot OftenHow often should I restart my devices? That is always the question. We all know the technology answer to everything: Did you restart? But why? Restarting your device simply gives your device a fresh start. Nothing bogging down memory, froze applications cleared, and generally either fixes or at least give a fresh troubleshooting start.

If the device is a smartphone, you should not have to restart it often at all. If you have recently installed OS updates, or, on occasion if things just don’t seem to be acting right. You can simply shut down the apps to solve the problem. Restarting your device is sometimes the quickest way to free up RAM. If the phone is suddenly running much hotter than usual, a restart is also in order.

If the device is a tablet, like an iPad or Android, they are in the same category as a smartphone. However, when you get into Surface Pros, Windows Tablets, or equivalent, then they should be treated and restarted as you would a laptop. If applications are hung up, or when the fans are whirring loudly and sound like a jet airplane. Most newer laptops with Windows 8 or Windows 10 are designed to sleep and use virtually use no power or resources. Because of this, you should not have to keep restarting your device.

If the device is a laptop, it depends on the brand, and the usage. If applications are installed, Windows Updates, or simply seems like the fans are whirring, it is simply time to reboot. Windows 7 Laptops have more of a power draw, and should be rebooted a little more often. And what about if you running something older? Restart at the end of each business day, and then call Sandra Network for a replacement!

If the device is your desktop, then same rules apply as a laptop. Windows 10, Windows 8 need a restart rarely. Windows 7, sometimes. Anything older, daily is best.

Personally, I try to remember to restart each Friday or at the end of my work week, to ensure the computer AND I both get a fresh start for my return Monday morning.