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How do I go about our Web Site Upgrades?

How do I go about our Web Site Upgrades?

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What are the steps to a successful web design process?

Web design, whether a fresh new site, or fixing an old one, can be an overwhelming process for most.  We try to simplify this as much as we can with outstanding website upgrades.  We strive to simplify the process for you by creating design stages, and allow you the choice with how much you would like to be involved.

Web Site Location

This is who is going to host your web site.  We look at reputation, cost, and ultimately what you need.  Sometimes a web site is designed for UNIX platforms, sometimes Microsoft.  Email is typically managed through the same company you host your web site through, but not always.  Our team will look at the entire picture and ensure you are setup where you need to be.

Initial Review:

We look at examples of sites you like, and, more importantly, what it is you like about them.  Is the colors?  Graphics?  Overall Look and feel?  This process helps us determine what types of styles make you happy and what website upgrades are required.  Company Goals are reviewed.  What do you want customers to like about you?  What makes you stand out?  When they visit the site, what type of impression do you want them to have of you and your business?

Email Review / Project Scope:

This is to ensure we have a clear understanding of your business and business goals, as well as what type of content will be needed for the site.  Once agreed on, a project outline is created.

Initial Design Review:

Based on the project scope and outline, you will be presented with initial design choices, layouts for your review, and website upgrades required.  Based on comments and review, adjustments are made

Final Design Review:

Final Web Design is presented, final adjustments are made, and site is approved for final development

Test Site available for Public Release:

Your site will be made available to you for final approval on a test platform.

Taking the Web Site Live:

The site is brought on live in your own companies URL, and Quality Assurance testing is done one more time on your site