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Strategize Backup and Never Worry About Losing Your Data

Strategize Backup and Never Worry About Losing Your Data

It pays to be prepared. Quite literally, if you are in the business world. Running a business is difficult when you try juggling all the responsibilities it entails. 

We get it. 

These days, it’s necessary for a business to coordinate operations on multiple platforms while constantly trying to improve its bottom line. 

If you are like most businesses, innovation in technology has brought your company’s operation and infrastructure into the digital realm. You must feel confident the technologies you have chosen to run your business are dependable. Everything needs to work together to function properly. All these innovations put a considerable amount of power over the success of your company and its growth.

But, with great power comes great responsibility.

The moment you leverage technological resources, your business becomes vulnerable. The well-being of the software and devices it uses for running your day-to-day operations depends on stability. Part of keeping it stable is to have a backup strategy. It is imperative that you have backup solutions in place to protect all your assets. Otherwise, you put your company at risk of losing precious data with devastating consequences for your business.

Data Backup Services help you armor yourself against every kind of potential cyber or human threat that can leave you distraught without your precious data. 

Multiple layers

Your business needs multiple ways to protect itself. The more protective layers you have in place for your company, the better you will be prepared if disaster strikes. Preparing your business for disaster includes natural disasters as well as potential cyber-attacks.

Datto is one company in the industry that has revolutionized back-up solutions. They are a leader in this industry with a focus on security. They offer support tools and a user-friendly interface. These features have alleviated the worry business owners face wondering whether their data is secure. They offer strategies to set up these services without the need for exceedingly complicated procedures.

Are backup Solutions easy to set up?

How does a business begin executing these solutions? How does a backup plan help my business? And can you implement one easily for my business?

Yes and no. But if done correctly it should not be complicated.

So, what is the right way to go about it?

To start with, you should understand the 3-2-1 Backup rule.

·       Have three copies of your data

·       Two backups in different formats

·       and one backup stored offsite

This rule has been tested repeatedly with outstanding results. Different variations of this rule are being adopting but keep in mind is that you must have a plan. Smart companies have a plan, but an exceptional company’s plans will include a backup to their backup.

What is BCDR?

To ensure more resilience, efficiency, and security, business owners have incorporated the 3-2-1 as the first layer of protection. Once this is in place, they continue to explore more comprehensive options to include in their plan.

BCDR, or Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plans, aims to make the backups even more dependable as they optimize the time required for you to recover from a disaster when it strikes.

More mature businesses will typically implement a BCDR device. Others may decide to stick with a 3-2-1 strategy. 

To ensure smooth processing and optimization of IT resources most established companies will team up with an external Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Sandra Network to manage their backup. An MSP offers plans that include backup and BCDR devices. With increased threats on your business, you can no longer rely on obsolete methods to protect your infrastructure.

Automated BCDR Solutions

Automated BCDR solutions from Datto have omitted the hassle of manual setup or an investment in human labor when technical errors are more likely to occur. There is no need to struggle to manage your different file formats across multiple locations.

The experts at Sandra Network recognize Datto Backup Solutions superior effectiveness and strives to put their IT expertise into implementing its exceptional features into your normal business operations.

You can rest assured that your backups will be secure. They will be ready to use when you need them. This is all thanks to their end-to-end encryption, comprehensive backup verification, and two factor (2FA) sign-on required before gaining access to your backup data for recovery.

Be proactive. Take the initiative and set up backups for your business before disaster strikes. Call Sandra Network to strategize and put your backup plan in place before it is too late.