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Empower Your Business: Pros and Cons of Managed Services Explored with Sandra Network

At Sandra Network, we take pride in being a leading name in the realm of IT solutions, dedicated to empowering businesses with secure, streamlined, and highly efficient strategies. Our core mission revolves around transforming digital landscapes, safeguarding businesses against cyber threats, and driving increased growth through advanced technology. Do you know about pros and cons of managed services?

In today’s digital age, network security and tech support have become defining factors for business success. Business owners and IT managers are increasingly vigilant and concerned about these crucial aspects. Safeguarding vital data and ensuring uninterrupted system uptime are now essential priorities. With the rising prevalence of cyber-attacks, the stakes have never been higher, making network security a top priority for any business.

The purpose of this blog post is to delve deep into the world of managed services, weighing their advantages against potential drawbacks. Our objective is to equip our readers with pertinent insights that will guide them in making informed decisions about embracing managed services for their businesses.

Join us on this informative journey as we explore the pros and cons of managed services and discover how they can empower your business in the rapidly evolving landscape of information technology.

Did you know? Managed Services Ensure Round-the-clock Monitoring.

Pros of Managed Services:

1. Proactive Network Security:

Protecting your business from cyber threats is a top priority. With managed services, you gain the advantage of real-time monitoring and a deep understanding of potential risks. Managed service providers (MSPs) employ dedicated measures to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities, safeguarding your sensitive data and digital assets in real time.

2. Expert Tech Support:

Technical issues can arise at any time, and having expert IT support can make all the difference. Managed services give you access to a team of skilled professionals who are readily available to assist you. Their expertise ensures that your IT challenges are promptly addressed, lowering downtime and maximizing productivity.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions and Predictable Budgeting:

Managing an in-house IT team can be costly, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Managed services offer a cost-effective alternative, as you only pay for the services you need. With fixed monthly fees, you can budget with confidence, knowing there won’t be unexpected IT expenses.

4. Focus on Core Business Functions:

Freeing up your time and resources from day-to-day IT management allows you to focus on core business functions and strategic initiatives. Managed services take care of routine tasks, giving you the flexibility to innovate and drive business growth.

5. Streamlined Long-Term Partnership:

A reliable managed service provider becomes your strategic partner, invested in your long-term success. However, by understanding your unique needs and aligning their services accordingly, MSPs forge a strong and enduring partnership with your business.

6. Physical and Virtual Support:

Whether you require on-site assistance or remote support, managed services cater to your preferences. With a combination of physical presence and virtual assistance, you have access to complete IT support whenever you need it.

At Sandra Network, we strive to provide you with the best possible IT solutions, and while managed services offer numerous advantages, it’s important to be aware of potential challenges as well.

Cons Of Managed Services:

1. Less Time with Resources:

When you opt for managed services, you gain access to a team of experts; however, the amount of time they can dedicate to your business may be limited compared to an in-house IT team. This is an important trade-off to consider, especially if you require constant on-site support.

2. Massive Variation:

It’s essential to be aware while choosing a managed service provider (MSP). The market is diverse, and there can be significant variations in the quality and responsiveness of MSPs. Some may not live up to their promises, leading to potential frustrations and inabilities. We encourage you to evaluate providers thoroughly to ensure you choose a reliable partner like Sandra Network.

3. Contracts:

Unlike employees, MSPs typically operate under contracts. While we strive to provide exceptional service, it’s essential to acknowledge that committing to a contract may limit your compliance if you become unhappy with the services provided. We believe in building long-term partnerships, but we also value our clients’ peace of mind.

4. Less Direct Management of Your IT Systems:

With an in-house IT team, you have direct control and oversight of your IT systems. In contrast, managed services entail delegating certain IT functions to an external provider, which can reduce your direct involvement in the day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure. In conclusion, managed services offer invaluable advantages for your business, reflecting Sandra Network’s commitment to providing confidence, protection, and a high-touch approach.

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Our dedicated network security, expert tech support, and cost-effective solutions are made to empower your business growth and success. To explore how we can enhance your network’s security and optimize your IT operations, take advantage of our free risk assessment.

You can also check, how IT Support For Accountants can help their business to grow.

Should you have any questions or require guidance, our friendly team is here to assist. Partner with Sandra Network, and together, we’ll pave the way for a secure and streamlined IT future for your business.

Best Cyber Security Companies In Boston

In an era defined by technological advancement, cyber security companies in Boston play a critical role in protecting businesses and organizations from evolving threats. Boston, known for its thriving tech industry, boasts a vibrant ecosystem of cybersecurity companies dedicated to safeguarding digital assets. 

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the cybersecurity landscape in Boston, highlighting the key players that are leading the charge in providing exceptional cyber security services. 

Sandra Network: Pioneering Cybersecurity Excellence in Boston

Situated at the forefront of Boston’s cybersecurity landscape, Sandra Network stands out among the top cyber security companies in Boston, providing comprehensive and tailored cyber security solutions. 

With an unwavering commitment to protecting businesses from the ever-evolving threat landscape, Sandra Network leverages cutting-edge technologies and deep industry knowledge to safeguard their clients’ digital assets. 

From network security and data protection to threat intelligence and incident response, Sandra Network’s holistic approach ensures that businesses in Boston receive the highest level of protection against cyber threats.

Sandra Network combines expertise with a customer-centric approach, working closely with clients to understand their unique cyber security needs. By conducting thorough assessments and risk analyses, Sandra Network develops customized strategies and implements robust security measures that align with clients’ specific business requirements. 

Their comprehensive solutions encompass proactive threat monitoring, incident response, vulnerability assessments, and security awareness training. 

Undoubtedly, Sandra Network is one of the best cyber security companies in boston.

Sandra Network’s relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to client satisfaction have positioned them as a trusted partner in Boston’s cyber security landscape.

Snyk: Revolutionizing DevSecOps Solutions

As one of the leading cyber security companies in Boston. Snyk specializes in providing innovative DevSecOps solutions designed to address security vulnerabilities in the software development lifecycle. By seamlessly integrating security into the development process, Snyk empowers businesses in Boston to identify and resolve vulnerabilities at an early stage, mitigating the risk of cyber attacks. Their platform offers continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and remediation guidance, enabling businesses to build secure and resilient applications while fostering a culture of security within their development teams. Snyk’s cutting-edge approach to DevSecOps has earned them recognition as a key player in the cyber security landscape of Boston.

Cygilant: Managed Security Services for Unparalleled Protection

Cygilant, a Boston-based company, is renowned for offering comprehensive managed security services to organizations of all sizes. As one of the leading cyber security companies in Boston, Cygilant ensures that businesses in the area stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. 

Their suite of solutions includes security monitoring, vulnerability management, and incident response, providing organizations with the tools and expertise to fortify their defenses. Cygilant’s 24/7 monitoring and proactive threat hunting capabilities enable them to identify potential threats in real-time, allowing businesses in Boston to maintain a robust defense posture.

Through their managed security services. Cygilant alleviates the burden of cyber security management for businesses, allowing internal teams to focus on core operations. Their skilled cyber security analysts work collaboratively with clients to tailor security strategies, conduct regular vulnerability assessments. And provide timely incident response. 

GreatHorn: Pioneering Email Security Solutions

As a leading cyber security company in Boston, GreatHorn specializes in providing cutting-edge cloud-native email security solutions. With the rise of sophisticated email-based attacks, such as phishing and business email compromise. GreatHorn’s platform leverages machine learning and advanced analytics to detect and prevent such threats. 

By continuously analyzing email communications in real-time. GreatHorn’s solution identifies suspicious patterns, anomalous behaviors, and malicious content, safeguarding organizations from cyber attacks.

GreatHorn’s comprehensive email security platform provides businesses in Boston with advanced threat intelligence, robust spam filtering, and secure communication channels. Their solution not only protects against known threats but also utilizes machine learning algorithms to adapt and identify emerging attack vectors. 

By empowering organizations to proactively defend against email threats. GreatHorn ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of critical information exchanged via email.

Rapid7: Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

As a well-established cyber security company in Boston. Rapid7 offers a range of solutions to help organizations identify and manage vulnerabilities effectively. Rapid7’s platform provides vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and incident response capabilities. That allows businesses to gain visibility into their security posture and prioritize remediation efforts. 

By utilizing advanced scanning techniques and threat intelligence, Rapid7 helps organizations in Boston proactively defend against potential cyber threats.

Rapid7’s vulnerability management solutions go beyond identification to offer actionable insights and guidance for remediation. Their intuitive dashboards and reporting tools enable businesses to track the progress of vulnerability remediation efforts. Which esnsures continuous improvement in their security posture. 

Additionally, Rapid7’s incident response capabilities equip organizations with the necessary tools to detect, investigate, and contain security incidents, minimizing the impact of potential breaches. By empowering businesses with comprehensive vulnerability management, Rapid7 plays a vital role in bolstering Boston’s cyber security defenses.

Threat Stack: Unmatched Cloud Security and Compliance

Threat Stack specializes in providing comprehensive cloud security and compliance solutions. As organizations increasingly migrate their operations to the cloud. Threat Stack offers real-time threat detection, continuous monitoring, and automated compliance reporting for cloud environments. 

By partnering with Threat Stack, businesses in Boston can ensure the security and compliance of their cloud infrastructure, reducing the risk of data breaches and regulatory violations.

Threat Stack’s platform provides organizations with valuable visibility into their cloud workloads. Enabling them to detect and respond to threats in real-time. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, Threat Stack identifies suspicious behaviors, unauthorized access attempts, and potential security breaches. 

Their comprehensive compliance reporting capabilities streamline the process of meeting industry-specific regulatory requirements, reducing the burden on businesses while maintaining a secure cloud environment. Through their cloud security and compliance solutions, Threat Stack plays a crucial role in Boston’s cyber security landscape.

IdentityForce: Protecting Individuals from Identity Theft 

IdentityForce, based in Boston, specializes in offering identity theft protection services to both individuals and businesses. In an era marked by increasing digital connectivity, protecting personal and sensitive information has become paramount. IdentityForce’s advanced monitoring capabilities and proactive alerts help safeguard identities, detect fraudulent activities, and mitigate the impact of identity theft.

By monitoring a wide range of personal information, including social security numbers, financial accounts, and public records. IdentityForce provides comprehensive protection against identity theft. Their proactive alerts notify individuals of potential threats, allowing for timely action to prevent further harm. 

With additional features such as credit monitoring, identity restoration assistance, and insurance coverage. IdentityForce offers a holistic approach to identity protection in Boston’s digital landscape.

Aura: Personalized Cybersecurity Solutions for Individuals

Aura, a cyber security company based in Boston, focuses on providing personalized cybersecurity solutions tailored to individual needs. Recognizing the increasing risks faced by individuals in their digital lives. Aura offers services such as identity theft protection, secure browsing, and advanced privacy tools. 

Their user-friendly interface and proactive monitoring capabilities empower individuals to protect their digital identities and maintain privacy in an ever-connected digital landscape.

Aura’s comprehensive identity theft protection services go beyond monitoring and detection. With dedicated support and personalized guidance, Aura assists individuals in restoring their identities and mitigating the impact of identity theft. 

Moreover. their secure browsing tools safeguard against online threats, while advanced privacy features enhance confidentiality and data protection. By offering personalized cybersecurity solutions. Aura ensures that individuals in Boston have the necessary resources to navigate the digital landscape safely.


Boston’s cyber security situation thrives with innovative companies dedicated to safeguarding businesses and individuals from evolving threats. Led by industry leaders like Sandra Network, Snyk, Cygilant, GreatHorn, Rapid7, Threat Stack, IdentityForce, and Aura, Boston continues to establish itself as a hub of cyber security excellence. 

Through their comprehensive and tailored solutions, these companies contribute to the digital resilience of businesses and individuals, ensuring a secure and protected future for Boston’s technological advancements. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, deep industry knowledge, and a customer-centric approach. These cyber security companies play a pivotal role in fortifying Boston’s digital frontier and defending against cyber threats. As the threat landscape evolves, Boston’s cyber security ecosystem remains poised to adapt and innovate, staying one step ahead in the ongoing battle for a secure digital future.

Cyber-Safe Accounting: Strengthening Data Security with Expert IT Support for Accountants

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the security of sensitive financial data has become of utmost priority for accounting professionals. The consequences of a data breach might be catastrophic for your firm. These include financial losses for your clients, damage to your reputation, or erosion of client trust in your firm.  Every industry needs IT support, but IT support for accountants is mandatory in order to keep everything safe & for hassle-free operations.

Does your accounting firm have the proper security in place? If not, you need to collaborate with an expert IT support team. Having the proper security measures in place is an indispensable component for any accounting firm seeking to fortify their defences and uphold cyber-safe accounting practices for themselves and their clients.  

Sandra Network, an IT Support company in Peabody and Boston, is such an IT company. We possess a deep understanding of the distinctive requirements of accounting firms. Our team offers them comprehensive solutions designed to strengthen their data security and we can offer them to your firm too. 

The Importance Of Data Security In The Accounting Industry

In this digital-centric era, data breaches have become a reality posing a significant threat to accountants and accounting firms. One of the most common causes of these data breaches in this industry is the theft or loss of laptops and other electronic devices. These devices hold a treasure trove of proprietary and sensitive client and corporate information. You don’t want a data breach to potentially be a catastrophe for your firm. And if it happens, it can unfold in the blink of an eye. 

Especially disheartening is that if a data breach happens to your firm, the accountability most likely will fall on the accountant or the firm making you responsible for any resulting losses and/or damages to your clients. These situations also escalate quickly into class action lawsuits with hefty fines making it challenging for a firm to recover.  

The impact often goes beyond financial implications. It can affect the loss of your firm’s reputation in the industry and the loss of your client’s trust in your firm. This loss of industry reputation and client trust can inflict far greater damage. Accountants rely heavily on the trust and confidence of their clients to thrive, and even a single breach can shatter years of hard-earned credibility. The aftermath of a data breach casts a dark shadow over the reputation and integrity of accountants and firms, creating an uphill battle to restore trust and rebuild relationships. 

At Sandra Network, we recognize the gravity of these challenges and the high stakes involved. Our aim is to empower accountants and accounting firms with the knowledge and resources needed to fortify their defences and protect against the constant threat of data breaches. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to data security, we equip our clients with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate this treacherous landscape with confidence.  

Be pro-active. Don’t let the future of your firm’s reputation hang in the balance. Safeguard its reputation, preserve your client’s trust, and secure your valuable data in the face of the ever-present risks of the digital world. 

Since 2014, reported data breaches of CPA firms have increased by over 80%, and, since 2018, the portion of breaches that include ransomware or extortion has risen to over 40%.

The Crucial Role of IT Support in Data Security

In the realm of data security, the indispensable role played by IT support cannot be overstated. When it comes to safeguarding sensitive financial information, you need to partner with a Managed IT service provider, one who possesses specialized knowledge and expertise for accounting is paramount.  

At Sandra Network, we understand the unique challenges faced by accountants and the critical importance of protecting their valuable data. By collaborating with our dedicated team of IT experts, accountants gain access to industry-specific insights and solutions. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the accounting landscape, enabling them to assess vulnerabilities, identify potential weak points in systems, and develop tailored strategies that enhance data security.  

With proactive monitoring and advanced threat detection mechanisms, we stay one step ahead of cyber threats, ensuring potential risks are mitigated before they escalate. The significance of IT support in data security is underscored by statistics revealing that over 90% of successful cyber-attacks stem from human error or system vulnerabilities. By partnering with us, accountants substantially reduce their susceptibility to such attacks, minimizing the potential for financial losses and reputational harm. 

At Sandra Network, we implement robust security measures, including advanced firewall management, real-time antivirus support, and state-of-the-art encryption techniques. By continually monitoring your network and promptly responding to any potential threats, we ensure the safety of your sensitive financial data. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, entrusting your data security to expert IT support is not just a wise decision—it is a necessary one.  

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, entrusting your data security to expert IT support is not just a wise decision—it is a necessary one.  

By relying on professionals who comprehend the unique challenges faced by accountants, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your data is safeguarded while you concentrate on your core responsibilities. Take the proactive step to fortify your defences and partner with Sandra Network to harness the power of IT services for accounting firms in protecting your sensitive financial information. 


Strengthening Defences: Key Components of IT Support for Accountants

At Sandra Network, we understand the unique needs of accountants when it comes to IT support. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to provide accountants with the necessary tools and expertise to ensure data security and operational efficiency. Here are the key components of our IT support for accountants: 

  • Customized IT support and security solutions tailored to the unique needs of accountants.
  • Essential security measures, including firewall management, antivirus support, and encryption techniques, to protect sensitive financial data.
  • Proactive network monitoring, threat detection, and incident response plans to identify and address potential security threats.
  • Employee training and awareness programs to educate and empower staff about cybersecurity best practices.
  • Advanced security operations services, including 24×7 security monitoring and incident response, to ensure round-the-clock protection.
  • Proprietary process to identify vulnerabilities and provide targeted training, going beyond standard phishing awareness.
  • Quick and efficient resolution of IT issues, crucial for time-sensitive accounting operations.
  • White glove approach to IT structure and security, offering ongoing protection and support.
  • Expert advice and support from experienced IT professionals who understand the accounting industry.
  • Comprehensive suite of services, including cloud solutions, hardware sales, web hosting, and more.
  • Responsive support, especially during critical periods like tax season.

Customized Solutions: Meeting the Unique Needs of Accountants

At Sandra Network, we understand that accountants operate in a highly regulated industry with specific requirements and compliance standards. We recognize the importance of tailoring IT services for accounting firms to meet the unique needs of accountants, providing them with the tools and expertise necessary to navigate the intricacies of their profession. 

The global average cost of a data breach between July 2018 to April 2019 was $3.92 million. For larger organizations, the average cost was $5.11 million, whereas for smaller organizations with between 500 and 1,000 employees, the average cost was $2.65 million.

One of the key aspects of our customized solutions is our deep understanding of the accounting industry’s compliance standards. We stay up to date with the latest regulations to ensure that our clients remain in full compliance with industry requirements. By addressing these specific compliance needs, we help accountants maintain the integrity of their data and safeguard their clients’ sensitive information. 

To address industry-specific challenges, we offer a range of specialized software, tools, and protocols that enhance data security for accountants. For example, we can assist in the implementation of secure document management systems that protect sensitive financial information and facilitate seamless collaboration within accounting teams. Our team is well-versed in encryption techniques and can deploy advanced security measures to safeguard data both at rest and in transit. 

Furthermore, we understand the importance of maintaining a robust network infrastructure for accountants. Our IT support services include network monitoring and threat detection, allowing us to identify and respond to potential security breaches promptly. We can also develop tailored incident response plans to minimize the impact of any security incidents and ensure business continuity. 

Accountants rely on specialized software for their day-to-day operations, and we have the expertise to recommend and support the tools that best suit their needs. Whether it is accounting software, tax preparation applications, or financial management systems, we can ensure seamless integration, optimal performance, and data security. 

By offering customized solutions that address the specific requirements and challenges faced by accountants, we empower them to focus on their core responsibilities with the confidence that their IT infrastructure is secure and efficient. 

The Benefits of Partnering with Expert IT Support IT Support For Accountants

When it comes to managing data security, accountants often find themselves burdened with numerous responsibilities. Partnering with an expert IT support company, such as Sandra Network, can alleviate this burden and provide peace of mind. Our team of dedicated professionals takes on the task of managing data security, allowing accountants to focus on their core responsibilities and deliver exceptional services to their clients. 

One of the key benefits of partnering with professional IT support is the potential for cost savings and efficiency gains. By leveraging our expertise and specialized tools, accountants can streamline their operations, reduce downtime, and increase productivity. With proactive monitoring, timely updates, and efficient troubleshooting, we ensure that their IT infrastructure remains optimized and reliable, minimizing the risk of disruptions or costly data breaches. 

Furthermore, our team at Sandra Network stays at the forefront of emerging technologies and industry trends. We continuously evaluate the evolving threat landscape and implement proactive measures to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Our commitment to ongoing training and knowledge ensures that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in data security. 

By partnering with an expert Managed IT services company servicing  accountants, your firm can enjoy the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced data security, and a trusted partner that understands your unique needs. At Sandra Network, we are dedicated to empowering accountants with the tools and support they need to thrive in today’s digital landscape. 


In this blog post, we have explored the crucial role of IT support in ensuring data security for accountants. We began by highlighting the evolving cybersecurity threats faced by the accounting industry and the potential risks and consequences of data breaches. We emphasized the importance of partnering with expert IT support to fortify defences and establish cyber-safe accounting practices. 

Understanding the unique needs and compliance standards of the accounting industry is paramount when it comes to safeguarding sensitive financial information. IT support plays a vital role in tailoring solutions to address industry-specific challenges, offering specialized software, tools, and protocols that enhance data security for accountants. By partnering with a trusted provider like Sandra Network, accountants can benefit from customized solutions that align with their specific requirements. 

 The benefits of partnering with Managed IT services for accounting are significant. Not only does it alleviate the burden of managing data security, but it also leads to potential cost savings and efficiency gains. By entrusting data security to professionals, accountants can focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients while ensuring the reliability and integrity of their IT infrastructure. Real-world examples and case studies have showcased the positive impact of expert IT support on accountants’ cybersecurity posture, emphasizing the value of such partnerships. 

 In conclusion, prioritizing data security is of utmost importance in the accounting industry. Accountants must recognize the risks involved and take proactive measures to protect their clients’ sensitive information. Seeking professional IT support, such as Sandra Network, can provide the necessary expertise, resources, and ongoing support to establish robust data security measures. By partnering with us as your trusted IT support provider, accountants can safeguard their reputation, maintain client trust, and navigate the digital landscape with confidence. 


Remember, at Sandra Network, with our IT Services for Accounting Firms, we are committed to empowering accountants with comprehensive IT support and tailored solutions. Your clients’ sensitive information deserves the highest level of protection, and we are here to ensure that you can focus on what you do best while we manage your data security needs. 



Is Your Password Strong?

Ask yourself the following questions:

“Self. When was the last time you changed your passwords?” 

“Self. Are you using the same password for multiple accounts?”

“Self. Can my password be putting my business and personal life in jeopardy?”

Depending on your answers, it may be time to dive deeply into those passwords and make some alterations. 

Let’s get educated first. What does it mean to have a strong password? We mentioned brute force attacks in our last article, and if you have a strong password, you won’t fall victim to them.  

You’ve seen what a strong password looks like when saving new login information on your phone. It’s 12 characters or more, a mix of numbers, letters, and symbols, and not easily remembered or obvious. If you’ve been using Fido123456, it will not take a genius to figure that out. If you think you’re clever because you recently added an asterisk to it (Fido123456*), think again. 

That hacker you envision with a dark hoodie typing in passwords to crack the code still exists; however, in today’s world, complicated computer programs handle that. You’re putting yourself at risk if your best friend’s name from first grade is your hackproof password. 

Using personal information is never good, no matter how far back it goes. With social media, everything about your life is out there for everyone to see without you even realizing it. Do you know those fun quizzes on social media where they ask you your favorite color, street you grew up on, and your first best friend’s name? You’re sharing important security question answers with the enemy.

Like your phone, most password managers will generate a strong password for you to keep your company’s data safe. A good example is NordPass, which allows you to select the length of your new password, choose what symbols to include, and copy your password easily to put it in a very safe place. 

Some may even prevent you from setting a ‘weak password,’ that’s easy to guess. Yep, we’re referring to Fido again. If you ask your two-year-old to hit random keys are your keyboard, that’s a fitting example of a strong password. 

The good news is your password manager cannot decipher your data if they implement zero-knowledge encryption because they don’t know your master password. If your password manager gets breached, which, as mentioned in our last article, does happen, attackers won’t be able to find your master password or read any encrypted information stored in your vault. Only you hold the key. Don’t make copies of that key. 

Whatever you, your two-year-old, or even Fido choose for your master password, do not, we repeat, do not use it for anything else. That means your online banking, Netflix subscription, and social media passwords, which should also be individual strong passwords, can’t put your business at risk. 

Learn how Sandra Network can help protect your most crucial assets.

Security and Data Breaches: What to Know

You’ve taken every precaution when protecting your data and your business. You’ve invested in a password manager with a secure vault and even administered Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA). This means you can rest easy knowing that your data is hack proof, right? 

Sorry folks, you’re still at risk, even with all you have implemented. Regardless, pat yourself on the back because all the steps mentioned above add more layers of protection and make it harder for hackers.  

That said, you trusted your password manager, but even the best of the best experience security and data breaches. It happens more than you think. Hackers thrive on the big guys in the industry, and that’s why it’s so crucial to not only feel protected but also receive transparency and recovery services from your password manager. 

Let’s recap the last few years. In 2021, Norton LifeLock and its members were victims of a data breach where hackers compromised its cloud storage, stealing millions of encrypted password vaults. Passwordstate also suffered a data breach in 2021, where hackers delivered a DLL file to users’ computers while an upgrade was running in the background. To make it even worse, users fell for another scheme when told to download an urgent fix for the hack.  

If you’ve ever seen those creepy videos on social media about the dark web, you know it’s a scary place. Hackers sell your information there, including passwords. Norton password manager users experienced this only a few days ago. LastPass password manager encountered a data breach very recently as well, where customers’ encrypted password vaults were stolen, along with non-encrypted customer data.

If you’re asking how hackers figure out the vault passwords since they’re encrypted, that’s a great question. Using brute-force attacks, cybercriminals purchase a list of previously compromised passwords on the dark web or download a free list of common passwords and try them everywhere.  

Multi-Factor Authentication will help protect you during these security and data breaches. Remember, you’re the only one receiving a one-time code as a second step to a password. Yes, it’s an extra step, but you know what takes much longer? Dealing with your stolen identity.

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not these days. Question everything and anything. Is it time to ditch password managers because of the vulnerability they expose during these breaches? 

The answer is no. It’s still the most secure method for protecting your passwords and business. If you hear of a breach at your password manager company, change all your passwords immediately, including your vault password and ensure they are all different. Remember, all your passwords need to be different, and it is the Password Vault that keeps them secure.  All you need is your Master Password, with Multifactor authentication of course.

Next up, we’ll be talking about how to choose a strong password.

What is a Managed SOC? Understanding the Basics of Security Operations Center Management 

Welcome to the world of cybersecurity! With the rise of digital threats, it’s more important than ever for businesses to keep their data and systems safe. One of the best ways to do this is by having a Security Operations Center (SOC). But what exactly is a SOC, and how can it help protect your business?  

In this blog post, we’ll explore the basics of SOC management and introduce you to the concept of a managed SOC. Whether you’re a small business owner just starting to consider cybersecurity measures or a seasoned IT professional looking to enhance your security strategy, this post will provide you with a solid foundation for understanding the importance of a managed SOC.  

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dive into the world of cybersecurity together! 


As a small or medium-sized business owner, it’s vital to protect your business from cyber threats. A key element of any cybersecurity strategy is a Security Operations Center (SOC), a centralized facility that provides 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response to security incidents. 

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the concept of a managed SOC, and explain how it can benefit your business. We’ll provide essential information for those new to cybersecurity, and take a deeper dive into the benefits of a managed SOC and what you should consider when selecting a provider. By the end of this post, you’ll have a solid understanding of the basics of SOC management, including the key components, benefits, and best practices. Let’s explore how a managed SOC can help safeguard your business from cyber threats, and how Sandra Network can help you every step of the way. 

Does Your Business Need a Managed Service Provider?

In today’s fast-paced and tech-driven business landscape, the question arises: Does your business need a managed service provider (MSP)

The answer is a resounding yes! A managed service provider can be a game-changer for your business, offering a wealth of benefits and expertise that can propel your operations to new heights. From ensuring the security and stability of your IT infrastructure to providing proactive monitoring and support, an MSP brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the table. 

By partnering with an MSP, you gain access to a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in managing and optimizing your technology systems, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing your IT internally and embrace the strategic advantages that come with partnering with a trusted managed service provider. 

Your business deserves the peace of mind, efficiency, and competitive edge that only an MSP can provide.

What is a SOC?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized facility that provides 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response to security incidents. Its primary purpose is to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats to your business, including both internal and external threats. Cybersecurity professionals staff a SOC and utilize specialized tools and techniques to monitor network activity, detect potential security incidents, and respond to security threats as quickly as possible.

The key components of a SOC include people, processes, and technology. The people component includes cybersecurity professionals who are responsible for monitoring and responding to security incidents. The processes component includes documented procedures for identifying and responding to security incidents, while the technology component includes tools and technologies used to monitor network activity and detect potential security incidents. 

What is a Managed SOC?
What is a Managed SOC?

Benefits of having a SOC

  • Continuous monitoring and rapid response to security incidents to minimize the damage caused by cyber-attacks. 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements for data security, particularly for businesses in heavily regulated industries. 
  • Enhanced visibility into security events and potential threats, allowing for proactive threat hunting and faster incident response times. 
  • Reduced risk of business disruption, financial losses, and reputational damage resulting from cyber attacks. 
  • Increased confidence and trust from customers and partners due to a demonstrated commitment to protecting sensitive information. 
  • Improved incident detection and response, which helps to identify and mitigate security incidents more quickly and effectively. 
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness in managing security incidents, resulting in reduced downtime and faster recovery times. 
  • Access to specialized cybersecurity expertise and tools that are often cost-prohibitive for businesses to develop and maintain in-house. 

Managed SOC vs. In-House SOC 

As a business owner, you have two options for managing your SOC: you can either build an in-house SOC or outsource your SOC to a managed SOC provider. Each approach has its own pros and cons, and the right choice for your business will depend on a range of factors. 

Managed SOC vs. In-House SOC: What’s the Difference? 

An in-house SOC is a facility that is built and maintained by your business. Your own cybersecurity professionals staff an in-house SOC and are responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents, whereas a managed SOC is an outsourced facility run by a third-party provider. The provider is responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents on your behalf, using their own cybersecurity professionals and tools. 

Pros and Cons of Each Approach 

In-House SOC 


  • Complete control over your security operations 
  • Direct access to your own cybersecurity team 
  • Easier to tailor to your specific business needs 


  • Requires significant upfront investment in infrastructure, staffing, and training 
  • Ongoing maintenance costs can be high 
  • May lack the expertise and tools available from a specialized managed SOC provider 

Managed SOC 


  • No upfront investment required 
  • Access to specialized cybersecurity expertise and tools 
  • Lower overall maintenance costs 


  • Reduced control over your security operations 
  • Less direct access to your cybersecurity team 
  • May require some level of integration with existing IT infrastructure 
  • Factors to Consider when Choosing Between Managed SOC and In-House SOC 

When choosing between a managed SOC and an in-house SOC, you should consider a range of factors, including your business size, industry, regulatory requirements, and budget.  

An in-house SOC may be a better fit if you have significant security needs and resources to invest in, while a managed SOC may be a better fit if you have limited resources or want access to specialized cybersecurity expertise and tools.  

Ultimately, the right choice for your business will depend on your unique needs and circumstances. 

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How Does a Managed SOC Work? 

A managed SOC is an outsourced cybersecurity service that is designed to help businesses detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents.

It operates by providing around-the-clock monitoring of your IT infrastructure and applications, using advanced tools and technologies to identify and alert your team of any security threats. 

How Does a Managed SOC Operate? 

A managed SOC operates by collecting data from across your IT environment, such as logs, network traffic, and other security events. Advanced security tools and techniques are used to analyze the data and identify potential threats, which are then escalated to your team for further investigation and response.

The managed SOC team provides a range of services to help protect your business, including vulnerability assessments, threat intelligence, incident response, and compliance management. 

Services Provided by a Managed SOC 

A managed SOC provides a range of services to help protect your business, including: 

  • Continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure and applications 
  • Real-time threat detection and alerting 
  • Vulnerability assessments and risk management 
  • Incident response and remediation 
  • Compliance management and reporting 
  • Threat intelligence and analysis 
  • Security awareness training for employees 

Benefits of Using a Managed SOC 

By using a managed SOC, you can benefit from: 

  • 24/7 security monitoring and incident response 
  • Access to specialized cybersecurity expertise and tools 
  • Faster incident detection and response times 
  • Reduced risk of business disruption and financial losses 
  • Improved compliance with regulatory requirements 
  • Enhanced visibility into security events and potential threats 
  • Increased confidence and trust from customers and partners 

Moreover, at Sandra Network, we offer a comprehensive managed SOC service that is tailored to your unique business needs. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals will work with you to develop a customized security strategy, that addresses your specific risks and requirements.  

With our managed SOC service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected around the clock from evolving cyber threats. 

Managed SOC Best Practices 

Working with a managed SOC provider can be an effective way to ensure that your business is protected from cyber threats. To get the most out of your partnership, consider the following tips: 

  • Choose a provider with a strong track record of delivering high-quality services. 
  • Clearly define your security requirements and expectations in your service level agreement (SLA). 
  • Regularly communicate with your provider to ensure that they are aware of your evolving business needs and security priorities. 
  • Provide your provider with access to your IT environment and security policies and procedures. 
  • Conduct regular reviews of the provider’s performance against the SLA and make necessary adjustments. 

At Sandra Network, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique business needs and security objectives and develop a customized security strategy that aligns with their goals.  

We provide around-the-clock security monitoring and incident response, leveraging the latest security tools and technologies to ensure that our clients are protected from cyber threats.  

Our clients have access to a team of experienced security experts who are dedicated to keeping their IT environment safe and secure. 

Understanding the importance of cybersecurity is essential for businesses of all sizes. In addition to utilizing a Managed SOC, there are other measures that companies can take to protect themselves from cyber threats. For example, implementing a password vault and working with a managed service provider can also enhance your organization’s security.


As cyber threats continue to evolve and become more sophisticated, it’s crucial for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity and take proactive measures to protect their assets.

A managed SOC provides businesses with 24/7 security monitoring, access to cutting-edge security tools and technologies, and a team of expert security professionals.

We at Sandra Network are committed to assisting our clients in safeguarding their businesses against cyber threats. If you would like to learn more about our managed SOC services, please visit our website or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – take action now to protect your business with a managed SOC. 

Additional Security: Meet Multiple Factor Authentication

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and its importance in today’s world

Meet Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA), the ultimate security solution that adds an extra layer of protection to your login process. In today’s world, where cyber threats are at an all-time high, protecting your online accounts has never been more critical.

Our last article left off with the idea of added security steps to protect your data beyond the heavily guarded password vault. Hackers are getting smarter every day, and people continue to make avoidable mistakes. 

According to, 25% of password managers reuse their master passwords on other sites. Your business must be one step ahead of everyone else. Well, at least two or more, that is. 

The different types of MFA and how they work

Multi Factor Authentication - 3 Steps
How Multi-Factor Authentication Works

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds added layers of safety to your log-in procedure. MFA in your everyday life is more familiar to you than you think. If your log-in prompts a code sent to your phone to input, you have experienced 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Or someone hacks into your system, they will not have access to this code. If you lose your phone or it is stolen, added layers, if chosen, protect you further.  

A third later is known as biometric authentication and proves something you are. A perfect example is when your phone uses Face ID to access a website. As you know, it does not work for anyone else but you. It proves that you have the right to enter a particular system and are who you say you are.  

Setting up MFA

Suppose you were to think of a non-technology scenario where the concept of MFA occurs. How about the VIP section of a venue? After conquering the first step of the busy front door with identification, another layer of security is needed to gain access to the VIP section. You can only come in if you know the secret password. This venue tends to use the same passwords as their other locations, so you try the earlier one that worked last weekend and it worked! Innovative thinking on your end, not theirs.  

The outcome might not have been the same if there had been a third layer of protection, such as having your name on a VIP list.  

Now back to technology. With all these layers, you are entirely safe, correct? Unfortunately, as we will continue to mention throughout our blog series, security breaches will persist. That means some hackers can get through the layers, but the more you have, the harder it will be.  

Next up, learn about security breaches and what you need to know. 

Why Your Business Needs a Password Vault 

Introduction to IT Security

To understand and peel back the layers of the IT security onion, we must start with education. The more you know, the more you can protect your network and business. 

Understanding the Password Vault

Let’s look inside the “Password Vault.” Like the vault we envision in a bank, the password vault protects the goods. The difference is that you can’t physically walk into a password vault on foot, but you can digitally access it. While there aren’t loads of cash and gold bars like in the movies, the data stored in a password vault is worth a lot. 

The Cost of a Data Breach

A data breach can cost your business a pretty penny. The U.S. has the highest data breach cost for the 12th year. It’s not something to brag about, especially with numbers like 5.09 million more than the global average, according to the report, “Cost of a data breach 2022:A million-dollar race to detect and respond,” commissioned by IBM. That is terrifying.

Why Use a Password Vault

Do we have your attention? The software program of your choice that creates your password vault will store and protect all the passwords your employees use while encrypting the data. There is one single master password to then access multiple passwords, which means no one else knows that password, not even the company hosting you. 

The Danger of Weak Passwords

We’ve all been taught not to use the same passwords across various websites or create something too simple like 12345, but people continue to do so. The reasoning may be the ease of remembering one password across multiple platforms, but that’s what’s helpful about password vaults. Weak passwords, or those not well thought out, allow hackers to enter your system. 

The Benefits of Using a Password Vault

Password vaults, (which some call password managers), are the best method of protecting your passwords. There is no method that is 100% foolproof. That’s different from what you want to hear, but using a password vault paired with added security steps significantly decreases your risk of a data breach. 

Look out for our next article, naming some added security steps, coming your way soon. 

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Why are Tech-Driven Industries looking up to Cloud Based Telecom Services?

At present, digital developments are rocking nearly every business, and the cloud is at the heart of many of the most significant shifts. New cloud based telecom services are capable of everything from paperless offices to remote work.

And it appears that a cloud is forming over the long-standing telecom software solutions as well.

The real kicker is that, for the most part, the cloud predicts sunlight rather than rain, but many businesses are still keeping umbrellas on hand in these early days. Regardless of whether some businesses are willing to accept or not, cloud-based telecom services are here to stay.

Just by looking at the evolution of our communication methods, one can predict the inevitability of advancement. Phones, tablets, and laptops are non-negotiable entities of our lives, and hence the demand for telecom service providers is at an all-time high.

One is more likely to miss out on a light earthquake but will go berserk if the internet speed takes a minor dip.

The ever-increasing and diverse need has resulted in a cloud-fronted transition, which is the most major shift in telecom software solutions since IP-based communications became popular.

A significant proportion of telecom services now fall under the category of “Cloud-based Telecom services,” with communication methods spun around cloud computing in the workplace and for customer benefits.

Telecom solutions Flare Under Cloud Umbrella

UCaaS is the umbrella under which most telecom cloud services fall (Unified Communications as a Service). Various communication and collaboration services, such as messaging, video conferencing, and telephony, are included in this cloud delivery paradigm. APIs and CPaaS (communications platform as a service) are also included in this category (application programming interfaces).

Did you know that 3.9 million Americans have been working from home?

The remote work revolution is on the rise, and our technology is rapidly adapting to our needs. For the most part, these innovative cloud-based telecom services are bringing change to the communication and collaboration of diverse teams in the industry.

Every organization and individual may now manage communications easily and affordably.

Gone are the days when businesses had to keep up with emails, phone calls, and letters.

All communications are combined in one simple and economic package with UCaaS and its alternatives.

This ensures that interactions take seconds rather than hours, saving time and increasing efficiency over slower older techniques.

How does the Future look for Cloud Based Telecom service Providers?

When it comes to moving forward, it’s also crucial to think about how the telecom industry plans to stay up with the rapidly changing cloud world. If this cooperation with the cloud is to yield benefits, the telecommunications industry will have to stay one step ahead of the latest developments.

As of now, only time can tell whether the hype of cloud based telecom services has lived up to its expectations.

You can love it or hate it; nevertheless, there’s no disputing that it has revolutionized the way we do it all, including communication. And with the correct focus, it is blooming with the potential.

Sandra Network INC. have successfully incorporated Telecom Cloud Services into their far-reaching brochure of IT services. Contact them today and let the experts steer your organization.

Taking a Trip Down the Evolution of Data Backup Services

It pays to be prepared. Quite literally, if you are in the business world. Running a business in 2022 means prioritizing customer experience and that defines the need of Data Backup Services.

That implies understanding their wants and wishes through extensive data analysis and management. Technology innovation has made most of these data handling operations convenient, efficient, and quicker. Giving the ultimate power to your tech infrastructure.

But, with great power comes great responsibility.

The moment you leverage these technological resources, you become vulnerable to the well-being and upkeep of your gadgets and data reservoirs.Data Backup Serviceshelp you armor yourself against every kind of potential cyber or human threat that can leave you distraught without your precious data.

BCDR development hasrevolutionized the domain of data protection and back solutions. The cutting-edge cloud backup services, business support tools, and friendly interface have alleviated businesses’ worryabout securing their data through callous measures.

But how can the businesses manifest these solutions into their management at a ground level?

The First Golden Rule of Backup.

Think of it like a three-lever lock being better than a one lever lock. While a one-lever lock does a very for-the-sake of it kind of job, it can be easily meddled with, thus putting your property at risk. More the number and innovation in protective layers, the better the protection.

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule: Have three copies of your data: Two backups in different formats and one backup stored offsite

An aware person would have a backup plan. An intelligent person would have a backup of their backup. Early men and tech seeking protection have adopted different variations of this rule.

Be Prepared with Data Backup Services

The exponential growth of data has boosted the popularity of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms, thanks to developments in cloud technologies.

On the other hand, external threats like ransomware cause severe downtime and data loss in enterprises without effective BCDR deployment.

As a result, businesses must be prepared to protect themselves from within, and professional Data Backup Services are designed to ensure that.

What is BCDR?

To ensure more resilience, efficiency, and security, business owners have incorporated BCDR, Or Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan. Itaims to make the backups more reliable than ever and optimizerecovery time for critical situations.

Today, most businesses team up with external Managed Service Providers and Cloud Backup service providers to ensure smooth processing and optimization of their IT resources.

As the ferocity of threats increases, we can no longer rely on ancient practices to give us the full-proof protection we need.

Automated Data Backup Services

Staying at the top in 2022 demands efforts that are not just good, but the efficiency that drives you to the endpoint before anyone else. Automated Business Continuity and Data Backup Services have omitted the hassle of manual setup and high-end investment in human and technical errorsasyou struggle to manage different file formats across multiple locations.

Thanks to the end-to-end encryption, comprehensive backup verification, and end-user restore option (from the cloud and otherwise), you can rest assured that your backups are secure and ready to use when you need them.

The experts at Sandra Networks INC recognize the true brilliance of business continuity and data backup services. They have been putting their IT expertise into implementing the striking features of the innovative cloud backup solutions in your regular business operations.